Career @ Sahledu

Sahledu values talent and is constantly looking for people who are passionate about their work and ready to be a part of challenging projects. We are not conventional in our attitude and we don't need your work experience to be a part of our team. It's your IQ and your ability to grasp new concepts quickly as well as the right flair that defines Sahledu. It's what that will attract us to you.

Be part of our team as teacher or office staff. If you are an experienced teacher, you will have an added advantage in handling a challenging and satisfying career with Sahledu. We are unconventional, agile, fun-loving and motivated. At Sahledu, you will not be paid just for work but for your intense involvement in projects that thrill you. If you are ready for this unique experience, then email us your resume at If you look like a good fit, you can look forward to a call from us.

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