How it Works

Parents can be a member of a school by three ways.

  1. Parents can be imported by the School at the time of its registration. When students are imported by a School, then parents are also imported along with them. Basically, no student can be a member of a school without having parents information registered. So, whenever any school import any student, parents are also become a member of the school and receive an email with the login details. However, he needs to update his profile after login.
  2. Parents can be invited by the School anytime. Actually, parents as well as students can not be invited, imported or registered separately. They are mandatory for each other.
  3. Parents get registered automatically along with students whenever they signup.
  4. Parents can never get registered without any student.

1. Parent registration along with Student Signup

When a student will signup he also needs to enter parents/guardian's information. By this way parents are also get registered.

2. Parents are imported along with Student

When school imported students then school need to set parents data also. By this way parents are imported along with students. When parents are imported an email containing login details are sent to his email address. Parent can login by clicking on the given link in the email sent. However, he needs to update the following fields before going to the school activity page.

  1. Guardian's First Name: Enter first name of the guardian here
  2. Guardian's Last Name: Enter last name of the guardian here
  3. Password: Enter a password which will be your key to login your site.
  4. Address: Enter your street address.
  5. City: Enter the name of the city where you are live in.
  6. State: Enter the state where your location.
  7. Country: Choose the name of the country from the given list where your residence is situated.
  8. Zipcode: Enter the post office pin code of your address.
  9. Phone No: Enter your contact number here.

After giving all information press the SUBMIT button. Parent will be redirected to the following page where he can select his students as well as himself to login.

3. Login page for the parents

This page shows the parents along with his children who are members of the school. Parents can login himself as well as any of his child A/c just by clicking on the child image or name. Parents can edit his child account information and view all activities throughout the site. Parents also can reply any message from the Principal or teachers on behalf of his child. However, parent can only view and follow other activities in the site.

4. A/c for the parents of the School

This is the School's Activity page where parent will be redirected after login.